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DCS: World 2.0
Spitfire LF Mk. IX

War Legacy

Uploaded by - SW0RDF15H
Date - 08/29/2017 16:46:45
Take to the skies in the legendary Spitfire Mk. IX in this exciting single player mission, suitable for players of all skill levels. Follow your flight lead and wing to intercept and engage a German bomber across the channel before it gets to Calais.

Mission briefing:

A B-17G bomber has been identified moving at an extremely low altitude across the south coast of England. After no attempt was made by the aircraft to communicate with ATC, intelligence has concluded this is a German-captured aircraft.

We are unclear as to what the aircraft's mission is but it appears to be enroute to Normandy and we believe it will land at Calais to refuel before making it's way east into Germany.

Our concerns are that there are a number of allied naval ships below the bombers flight path and it would be highly likely for it to engage these targets on it's way across the channel. Our naval forces are stretched thin already so we cannot afford any more casualities.

You will be part of a 3-flight of Spitfire Mk IX fighters that will head east upon takeoff to intercept the bomber's flight path. Radar suggests the bomber is being escorted by additional fighter(s) so flight lead and second wing will be responsible for engaging these enemy escorts, while you must focus on bringing that bomber down.
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