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Defect or Die 3.0

Uploaded by - TheHighwayman
Date - 08/28/2017 22:15:17
In Defect or Die 3.0, your life depends on you making it to the American base at Gudata without being stopped on the ground, or in the air. Every available plane the Northern Air Force has is being scrambled to stop you. The clock is ticking, can you make it?

Defect or Die is the third version of a mission inspired by the defection of No Kum-Sok in September 1953. This mission is greatly improved over previous versions and will provide a more immersive and challenging experience over previous versions.

In Defect or Die 3.0, your mission is to get airborne, fly to the coast, then follow the coast south to land at Gudata airport. You can fly by another route, but it won’t be much easier, and navigation may be more of a challenge.
The route you choose is just one of several choices you will have to make. Do you answer the tower when they challenge you?  Do you fly along the coast, or choose another route? Do you dogfight or push the throttle to the wall and run as fast as your MiG can go?

The choices are all yours in Defect or Die 3.0.

Defect or Die is inspired by the defection of No Kum-Sok on September 21, 1953. His flight lasted 17 minutes and was unopposed. The Americans did not detect him until he was landing the wrong way on the runway. An F86 pilot landing from the other direction narrowly avoided colliding with him on the runway. He was unaware of the reward for delivering a MiG to the United States. He later emigrated to the United States and became an engineer. Five of his squadron mates were later executed as a reprisal following his defection.

This mission is the third version of Defect or Die. Previous versions were more crudely designed with fewer features and options. I have routinely redone the mission from scratch as my design and editing skills have improved. Even if you have played a previous version of Defect or Die, you may find this one to be the most challenging and satisfying yet.

I would like to add voiceovers to this mission to make it complete. If you are interested in helping, contact me (TheHighwayman) on the DCS forums.
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