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Su-27 Thrustmaster HOTAS.X profile

Uploaded by - nunupt
Date - 08/06/2017 12:05:58
Su-27 profile for TM HOTAS.X

My initial attempt at a Su-27 profile for TM HOTAS.X. It is functional but unfinished.

NOTE: Modifiers have to be configured manually prior to loading these profiles, else mappings which use modifiers won't work.

I'm not yet a very good Su-27 pilot and I've upgraded to TM T16000 HOTAS, so I'm publishing this to help anyone with HOTAS.X.

Initially my idea was to replicate user "spectator257" profiles for A-10C and Ka-50 in the way that controls were separated by joystick/throttle,
however I could not find definitive information on all the real aircraft's HOTAS controls, so I've attempted to put what I know in what I  think is the right place (AP, radar slew).
Some things like Weapon Change I put in the joystick, because it's similar to other planes, and some things like airbrake are not even mapped, because I was playing around with weapons and radar.

Hopefully this may be a starting point for some HOTAS.X user. I did not find many profiles for Su-27 when I decided to make this.
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