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Operation Sochi

Uploaded by - IAF.AssafB
Date - 07/28/2017 19:06:58
Allied forces are executing a ground campaign to occupy the Sochi AFB and four key tactical areas around it.


Allied forces are executing a ground attack to secure the Sochi AFB area

A mechanized force is to seize four key areas (objectives Alpha through Delta) in the Sochi area to secure it against enemy counter attacks

A large-scale map of the area of operation is attached.

Overcast, base at ~8000ft, SW wind

** Blue forces and tasking **
Tactical commanders:
-    Use the armored forces (groups "BlueArm") and seize objectives Alpha through Delta by placing a minimum of 3 units on the objective (there's no importance to the order by which you attack the objectives)
-    Seize the Sochi air force base by moving at least 6 units
-    Objectives must be clean of enemy forces in order to be declared seized
-    Stay alert for enemy counterattacks against objectives already seized
-    Use your supporting fire base (Paladin and MLRS batteries) to support the attack
-    Use your anti-air assets (radars, SAM's and AAA's) to defend your forces against enemy air raids. Note that the mountainous severely degrades the effectiveness of our EWR site (located at Gudata). Use your mobile radars and advance them to proper locations to maintain radar coverage.
-    Use the HMMWV recon units to scout the areas and locate enemy forces
Air assets and tasking:
- Flight "Hawg" - x4 A-10C's, CAS missions
- Flight "Frog" - x4 SU-25T, SEAD / CAS
- Flight "Wolf" - x2 KA-50 ,  CAS (T/O from FARP "London")
- Flight "Eagle" - x4 F-15C , CAP
- Flight "Napoleon" - x2 M-2000C, CAP/ strike
All aircraft T/O at Gudata
Note: Once flight Eagle takes off two aircraft or more – it will spark heavier enemy air opposition

** Intelligence **
- The enemy has numerous armored platoons deployed and patrolling the sector. Main opposition consists of T-80 MBT's, BMP's and lighter vehicles.
- Air defenses consist of at least one primary SAM battery (latest intel' couldn't determine whether it's an SA-3 or SA-6, nor could it pinpoint its exact deployment site), as well as local defenses (ZSU-23's, Strela's, SA-19's and SA-8's)
- Squadrons of enemy attack helicopters are reported in the region and poses a threat to our ground forces.

** Red forces and tasking **
Tactical commander:
-    Use the forces available to prevent the enemy for completing its mission. Once the enemy ground forces were sufficiently depleted, it will not be able to occupy all the objectives and will fail

Air assets and tasking:
- Flight "Red-Frog" - x4 SU-25T, SEAD / CAS (T/O Maykop)
- Flight "Red-Shark" - x2 KA-50 ,  CAS (T/O from FARP "VETKA")

* This mission utilizes Grime's excellent MIST - thanks Grimes!
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