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Sword Beach Normandy landing

Uploaded by - markuswohlgenannt
Date - 07/07/2017 03:24:57
Mission, which is loosely based on the D-day landing at Sword Beach, can be played in SP or as MP mission. Choose FW-190, Bf-109, P-51 or Spitfire slot. There are 5 slots per aircraft. The first slot of each type has 3 AI wingmen, the remaining have no AI wingmen. Enjoy! Bug reports and feedback will be appreciated.

1) Blue has launched an attempt to land tanks at sword beach. The ultimate goal is to take Caen.
2) Blue conducts B-17 air raids on a factory south of Caen.

Both 1) and 2) play out in parallel, so choose your task.

Red task:
1) Sink Allied landing ships. If this effort comes too late, eliminate the Allied tanks that have landed at sword beach. Local informants will mark tank locations for you if they are sighted.
2) Intercept allied bombers. Hint: the anticipated flight path of the allied bombers coincides with an Allied shipping lane across the channel. Use ships as navaids, but be careful, they are enemy vessels.

Airfield is on Ch. triangle, flight on Ch. II.

Blue task:
1) Protect Allied landing ships and Allied tanks at sword beach. Eliminate Red panzers. Local informants will mark panzer locations for you if they are sighted.
2) Escort B-17 bombers.

Since this is an Normandy landing scenario, blue flights start in England. For the impatient among us, there are however air starts available.

Airfield is on Ch. 1, flight on Ch. 2.
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