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A-10C Warthog

Acino's profile for TM Warthog (DCS A-10C)

Uploaded by - bambulka
Date - 01/28/2013 15:40:07
This is my TM Warthog profile that further extends upon PhoenixBvo's profile. Several new features are introduced. Also, I do not own TIR or rudder pedals, and the profile was altered to reflect on this, albeit without imposing penalty on the primary function of the HOTAS. Some of the interesting features are switching between two sensitivity modes, mouse function on the throttle, rudder and zoom function on the slider etc.

Changelog: 2 bugs (idle engine and flaps) fixed!!


[] New features introduced in this release

- Mastermode button in conjunction with pinky paddle switches      between two sensitivity (for both the stick and throttle) modes - normal and A-A refuel, as indicated by LED control (see                below).

- The trim hat is used for panning around the cockpit when used with the stick's pinky paddle.

- The ministick used for cursor slewing can now be used as a   mouse cursor when used together with the stick's pinky paddle. At the same time, 1st stage gun trigger is used as a left mouse button when used with the pinky paddle. Originally, pressing the ministick was used for this purpose, but due to the minor movements causing trouble while pressing it, this has been abandoned.

- The slider on the base of the throttle acts as a rudder when  pressed with the stick's pinky paddle.

- Speedbrake aft button _click_, when used with the pinky paddle, now opens the speedbrakes to ~40 % as recommended during the final approach.

- The backlighting of the throttle base is now deactivated when both throttles are off. It activates upon placing at least one of the throttles into the IDLE position.

- The five LED controls now designate the following:
- LED1 - ON while A-A refuel mode is active
- LED2 - ON when APU is in the START position
- LED3 - ON when the flaps are not in the UP position
- LED4 - ON when speedbrakes are active
- LED5 - ON when the external lights are not off

[] Features adopted from the original profile

- Weapon release button now acts as nightvision toggle when pressed with stick's pinky paddle.
- The slider on throttle base acts as zoom/unzoom.
- Horn silence button now acts as a gear toggle.
- MIC switch acts as push-to-talk button for TeamSpeak.
- Left throttle button acts as TrackIRPause and RrackIRReset, without and with stick's pinky paddle, respectively.
- 15 degree twist of the stick's axes can be activated (see the  script file) to reproduce the real-life configuration
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