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Valley Escort Mission v2

Uploaded by - Delta99
Date - 05/19/2017 23:01:20
Followup to my Valley Patrol Mission. This one is an escort mission over the same general area. BLUE flys CAP over the valley's with AI SEAD and AWACs flights. RED made up of either AI or human players. BLUE has full menu command control over the 7 SEAD flights and AWACs flights.

Players can fly on either the RED or BLUE side. RED side will be fully AI capable. The RED AI will spawn a mix of pretty basic planes and loadouts so this is meant more for the beginner. RED AI will Spawn at Mineralnye Vody and patrol in the mountain ranges until low on fuel or requiring rearm/repair. They will then return to base and fly out again after a short time period. Their patrol zone is bounded by approximate grid coordinates: GJ36, GJ00, LN56, LP72

RED has been moving and setting up a mix of air defenses throughout the valleys.

It is BLUE's job to clear these valleys of any threatening air defenses. BLUE is aided by AI SEAD flights assigned to the valleys as well as an AWACS operating south of the valley's.

BLUE has three playable flight groups defined:

F15C Group 1: Flight of 4 human players
F15C Group 2: Human lead and human wingman (starts in air)
F15C Group 3: Human lead and AI wingman (starts in air)

End Game: It is up to the players to decide when/if the mission is a success or failure for either side. You can make up your own rules. For example, if 4 of the valleys are clear after 1 hr then success for BLUE.

Misc Missile ranges and info:


SU-30: R-73 (medium range infrared 15km - 8nm), R-27R (medium range radar guided 50km - 26nm)
Mig-23 MLD: R-24R (medium range radar guided 20km - 10nm), R-60M (short range infrared 5km 2.6nm)
Mig-21 Bis: R-3S (short range infrared guided 7.5km - 4nm), R-3R (short range semi-active radar guided 8km - 4.3nm)

ZU-23: eff range 2-2.5km (1-1.3nm), eff altitude: 1.5-2km (.8-1nm) (5k ft - 6.5k ft)
ZSU-23 Shilka: max eff range 2.5km (1.3nm) (8.2k ft)
SAM SA-18 Igla Manpad: max eff alt: 3 km (1.6nm) (9.8k ft)
SP 0S80M1 Sborka: tracking range 35km - 18nm, detection range 80km - 43nm


F15C: AIM-120B (AMRAAM) (medium range radar guided 55km - 29.6nm), AIM-9M (short range infrared 18km - 9.7nm), AIM-9P (short range infrared 11km - 5.9nm)


- updated parking spots to work better with 2.5 due to changes in ATC or parking handling or something that brought bugs into 2.5. Don't think it is fully fixed but works much better now.
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