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AJS-37 Viggen
DCS: AJS-37 VIGGEN Complete English Cockpit Mod

DCS: AJS-37 VIGGEN Complete English Cockpit Mod

Type - Mod
Author - Devrim
Date - 11.09.2017 01:05
V1.2 (09/2017) This mod provides complete English cockpit for DCS: AJS-37 Viggen module.


    This mod provides full English cockpit for DCS: AJS-37 VIGGEN
    Until Heatblur Simulations' official English cockpit release, I hope this mod will work for you.




    * This mod is compatible with both DCS World versions.
    * This mod was made based on stock cockpit textures.
    * Integrity Check - OK!
    * Please feedback about letter or translation mistakes, typos or your suggestions.
    * Please do not create mirror mods or download links for this mod!
    * These are the translations of abbreviations for the Destinaton Indicator:

        Waypoint:    B to W
        Target:        M to T
        Pop-up:        U to P


    AJS 37 Viggen Flight Manual BETA.pdf by L.N.
    Aircraft JA37 flight manual volume 1 chapter 1.pdf provided by renhanxue.
    DCS AJS-37 Viggen Guide.pdf by Chuck.

    And thanks MYSE1234 for translation of side card texts and the text under HUD.
    You may find the links in mod's forum page.

Thank you. Have fun.


v1.2 - Integrity Check - OK. Found a way to pass integrity check for "destination letters" on the indicator (right dash), and increased size of letters to read easily (09/2017).

v1.1.1 - No any texture update. Re-written ReadMe file. In this version; To pass Integrity Check, the TGA file that shows Navigation letters in English on the dash is disabled, compulsorily. See you in next version if get a solution on it (07/2017)(2624DLs).

v1.1 - A little fix. Compatible with Customized Cockpit feature (05/2017)(2145DLs).

v1.0 - Some fixes on translation (02/2017)(1427DLs).

v0.9 - First (beta) release (02/2017)(254DLs).

  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
  • Size: 22.47 Mb
  • Downloaded: 5829
  • Comments: 12