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DCS World 1.5
Spitfire LF Mk. IX

Spitfire IX fictional Training Paint Version 1

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - Tekkx
Date - 01/22/2017 13:42:15
This is a special paint useful to beginners. It will be helpful during practice of first maneuvres to others(!), who can easily identify a beginners first attempts and can maintain a safe distance to the "dangerous flying object" (DFO). :)

Also prevent colored wingtips to mess about with camouflage pattern while repair after TO- and Landing-Trials. After dipping  just put some filler and paint on it: Bling! As good as new. :)

It's based on the RAF Standard scheme.
There is also a Version 2 here somewhere. There I removed the Registration Number on the Tail. So you can use alphanumeric Squadron- and Individual-Markings.

Doesn't work proper in DCS OpenBeta (1.5.6)! I'm still on it :(

Easy install: Unzip and copy new unzipped folder to
/DCS World/CoreMods/WWII Units/Liveries/SpitfireLFMkIX/ (have look at the screenshot of my folder)

If you "installed" ancient (now obsolete) version, restore original file in
/DCS World/CoreMods/WWII Units/SpitfireLFMkIX/Textures/SpitfireIXc/
before! This new version looks exactly as the old one.

I upd ated the old version with this enhanced one. The old one just substituted the standard scheme. This version will allow to se t it separate per mission or aircraft with Mission-Editor and follows the "official" way to install Mods.

On my system it runs and looks beautiful. If you encounter any kind of problem (additional to mentioned ones), do not hesitate to drop a comment here so I can try to fix it.

Break a leg!

I'm not responsible to... (you'll know this text) ;)
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