Fix for Mig-21bis cockpit switches: consistent mouse clicks - DCS 1.5.7/2.1.1

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Fix for Mig-21bis cockpit switches: consistent mouse clicks - DCS 1.5.7/2.1.1

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - Redglyph
Date - 12/23/2016 11:27:24
Simple replacement for the clickabledata.lua file, which fixes the wrong right/left mouse click behaviour in knobs and switches.

Has been tested with versions and

Thread in forums:
LNS bug tracker ticket:

In DCS, the left/right mouse click behaviour is normally defined once for all aircraft, to make it easier and avoid confusion from one cockpit to the next. Unfortunately the Mig-21bis has most of its controls inverted except a few ones, which is confusing. This file should help by rectifying those switches, buttons and knobs.

The only knob that hasn't been changed is the navigation lights. It doesn't seem to turn as expected, and I left it as is because this requires a fix that I can't do on my own.

Changed switches (easy to find by a diff between original and modified files):
- landing lights (off/taxi/land)
- radio channel
- ARK zone
- RSBN mode (land/navigation/descend)
- RSBN navigation
- PRMG landing
- SRZO codes
- SOD wave selector
- SOD modes
- radar (off/prep/on)
- low altitude (off/comp/on)
- dangerous altitude warning set
- weapon mode
- weapon selector
- cockpit air condition (off/cold/auto/warm)
- SPS control (off/parallel/full)

Select the file that corresponds to what is closest to your version, either in DCS1.5.7 or DCS2.0.5 directory of the downloaded archive.

The clickabledata.lua file to replace is located there, under your DCS installation directory:


To restore the original file, simply use the clickabledata.orig.lua of the archive (rename it to clickabledata.lua, put it in the directory above).

- and fixed the red flood light knob, that's the only difference with the previous versions.
- changed the localization and did some clean-up of the file.
- seems to have reverted to the same file as 1.5.6

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