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UH-1H Huey

Huey Playground v2.5

Uploaded by - reflected
Date - 12/14/2016 21:13:32
The new version of "Huey Playground" with much more action and CTLD functionality! - UPDATED for 2.5!!!

Welcome to Vietnam, son!

Take off from FARP Dallas, a base somewhere in Vietnam either with a slick or a gunship configuration, then carry out missions of your choice. You have to activate the mission via the F10 radio menu:

- LZ Lolo has turned hot as a pepper dipped into napalm. Fly there and rescue the LRP team taking heavy fire, or bring in reinforcements.
- Rescue the crew of a crashed Huey just accross the Laotian border. Hurry, Charlie also homed in on the ELT  beacon!
- Our troops have recently taken Hill 245 close to Samtskaro. Bring in 3 small FOB crates in order to build a FOB base. They popped green smoke and are transmitting a beacon. Watch out, Charlie is still hiding in the bushes.
- Fly reinforcements  to Hill 35.
- Resupply the base with a sling load from Khashuri
- Resupply the base with cargo from the Khasuri Supply Base (red smoke)
- Our troops got heavily engaged at 5 locations up North. Follow the beacon and evacuate the wounded.

- Attack a truck convoy heading North from Nabakevi
- Attack an armed truck convoy reported 15 miles to the North West
- Provide close air support to the attack on Hill 35
- Provide close air support in LZ Lolo

FARP Dallas: FM 40.00
FOB team: FM 41.00
Crashed Huey ELT: FM 40.10
LZ Lolo: FM 40.20
Hill 35: FM 40.95
Medevac 1: FM 40.50
Medevac 2: FM 40.60
Medevac 3: FM 40:30
Medevac 4: FM 40.40
Medevac 5: FM 40:70

Armed Forces Vietnam Radio: FM 117
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