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Huey Playground v2.5

Huey Playground v2.5

Author - reflected
Date - 02.03.2018 09:45
The new version of "Huey Playground" with much more action and CTLD functionality! - UPDATED for 2.5!!!

Welcome to 'Naam, son!

Take off from FARP Dallas, a base somewhere in Vietnam either with a slick or a gunship configuration, then carry out missions of your choice:

- LZ Lolo has turned hot as a pepper dipped into napalm. Fly there and rescue the LRP team taking heavy fire, or bring in reinforcements.
- Rescue the crew of a crashed Huey just accross the Laotian border. Hurry, Charlie also homed in on the ELT  beacon!
- Our troops have recently taken Hill 245 close to Samtskaro. Bring in 3 small FOB crates in order to build a FOB base. They popped green smoke and are transmitting a beacon. Watch out, Charlie is still hiding in the bushes.
- Fly reinforcements  to Hill 35.
- Resupply the base with a sling load from Khashuri
- Resupply the base with cargo from the Khasuri Supply Base (red smoke)
- Our troops got heavily engaged up North. Follow their beacon and evacuate the wounded.

- Attack a truck convoy heading North from Nabakevi
- Attack an armed truck convoy reported 15 miles to the North West
- Provide close air support to the attack on Hill 35
- Provide close air support in LZ Lolo

FARP Dallas: FM 40.00
FOB team: FM 41.00
Crashed Huey ELT: FM 40.30
LZ Lolo: FM 40.20
Medevac 1: FM 40.30
Medevac 2: FM 40.40
Medevac 3: FM 40.50
Medevac 4: FM 40.60
Medevac 5: FM 40.70

Armed Forces Vietnam Radio: 117

If you enter the area of each mission, several units will spawn, battles will begin, and you will hear some authentic, original Vietnam war radio chatter to add to the immersion.

HOTFIX 18/12/2016 - I fixed the trigger zones that stopped working after the new update.
HOTFIX 3/1/2017 - FARP Zone populated, added FM beacon for troops.
HOTFIX 7/1/2017 - CTLD Functionality added as well as more mission. Radio beacon Morse codes added. Dawn and rainy versions added.
HOTFIX 20/2/2017 - 3 Medevac missions added along with some easter eggs.
HOTFIX 31/1/2018 - Updated for 2.5, 2 more Medevac missions added as well as an AFV radio
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