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Operation Hot Chocolate Multiplayer Edition

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Date - 11/25/2016 05:55:12
Operation Hot Chocolate

You are civilian pilots contracted by the CIA.  Normally they have you flying mysterious cargo around in old prop driven cargo planes, but today they have a special mission for you.

A variety of WW2/Korean War era fighters were recently confiscated from a local crime lord who was an aviation history buff and collector.  We need them transferred to our team stationed at Kutaisi airfield.  They have a couple bombs attached to them and we don't have a qualified crew here to remove it, or an EOD team to dispose of them, so they are going along for the ride with you.

Includes 2 player available aircraft of each of the following types:  P-51, FW-190, BF-109, F-86, Mig-15.  

*Updated 11/2016  See description for detailed change notes.

Fly the confiscated aircraft and the bombs from Vaziani airfield to Kutaisi airfield.  Follow any additional instructions from your handler.

Total mission time approx 45 min-1 hour.  Cold start from the ramp, take off, navigate using waypoints, land, and taxi to the specified area.  Additional instructions will be provided.  Includes a ground attack, a story, and a little humor.  Fully voiced.  

*Installation instructions:  Download and place the file in C:/users/(username)/Saved Games/DCS/Missions

Update 12/2016 Fixed P-51 group taxiway trigger/message, adjusted the wind to get ATC on board with the correct taxiway, added some theme music, cleaned up a few minor issues.

Update 11/2016 Operation Hot Chocolate just got hotter:

-    Added well-spoken Scottish voice actor ‘Deephack’ as Darkwing. https://www.youtube.com/user/deephack
-    Added 39 additional lines of voice acting.
-    Added package delivery notification.
-    Added Bullwinkle’s Command Post.
-    Added a surveillance drone.
-    Added a soldier to the taxiway.
-    Added a few troops to the target area. Trucks will not disperse now. *Target size doubled for multiplayer version.
-    Changed some vehicle types and nationalities, and adjusted some of their positions.
-    Adjusted some of the waypoint positions.
-    Modified the radio channels and briefing.
-    Removed the optional objective ‘fire a flare’ requirement from the BF-109 version.
-    Secret Squirrel has dismounted her vehicle wearing her best Russian Paratrooper disguise.

Mission discussion thread:  https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=177886

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