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Blindsided (rev2)

Uploaded by - DragonShadow
Date - 09/11/2012 09:17:19
Blindsided : 2nd revision
By DragonShadow

Co-operative mission supporting upto 9 players (2-3 recommended default, 3-6 on difficult).
Flyable aircraft: 3xKa-50, 3xA-10C, 3xSU-25T
Limited munitions, aircraft (Warehouse)

"Scramble! and defend Batumi airdrome against a sneak attack by well armed insurgents. Then take the battle to them."

A three phased mission with varying types of tasks, plenty of detail and scripted events. Figure out the best way to use your finite but flexible resources to tackle the insurgent threat, co-operate with your team and the forces on the ground to turn the battle around. Mission difficulty can be scaled depending on number of players or the challenge you wish to meet. You will not meet a passive enemy here.

Official forum thread:

[Briefing room]
As you may know, we have not received any word back from the eastern patrol, since they reported hearing heavy vehicles in the pass. We can only assume the worst.

As of twenty minutes ago we received confirmation that insurgent forces are attempting a sneak attack on the Batumi airdrome. Be adviced that we have received reports that the insurgents are able to mount a credible anti-air threat.

US Specops are just now sending ahead a two man TACP unit, designation 'Ferret', to provide coordination on a counter attack on the insurgent outpost we have located to the east. Before we can worry about the outpost though, we must succesfully defend Batumi fr om the insurgent forces closing on us. Be aware that we are facing at least two groups coming in from the outpost.

Local defense forces are engaged with light enemy units as I speak. Your aircraft have been fueled and armed, there is no time to waste, scramble!

* Co-op and single player support. Note: Difficulty higher for single player.
* Three phases of mission with varying types of tasks.
* Plenty of scripted events with radio traffic (text with audible notifier) and detailing.
* Choise of two difficulty levels.
* Some more aggressive, scripted AI behaviour.
* Finite resources of war through the warehouse functionality. It now matters to make that shot and landing.
* On the move troop deployments.
* Airlifted JTAC available (but not necessary) for operations against the insurgent outpost.
* Optional AFAC available for the defense phase of the mission.
* Combined operations of KA-50, A-10C and SU-25T, all playing important but not interdependent roles (Set higher difficuly for best effect).
* Be a part of a team wh ere your actions truly matter to the outcome of the mission.

Revision 2 changes:
- Extended gameplay to a three phase mission and new locations, "assassination by aircraft".
- Added flyable aircrafts to total of 3xA-10C, 3xKA-50, 3xSU-25T.
- Added user triggerable difficulty mode for groups larger than 2-3 players, or for more challenge. Affects the entire mission.
- Added FARP Perth and Kobuleti airdrome as allied diverts.
- Warehouse functionality and use of lim ited resources to beat the mission with. Figure out how to use them to the best effect.
- Russian ground based reinforcements now visible on map to allow easier tracking of progress.
- Improved TACP/JTAC positioning not to call bombs so often on it's own head, made some fixes to lasing.
- Repositioning on the insurgent troops closest to Batumi airdrome.
- Fixed problem with IL-76MD potentially keeping players from spawning.
- Targets of opportunity :)
- Optional AFAC assists in tracking attacking insurgent units.
- Compatibility with KA-50 JTAC mod (AFAC 'Dodge' on 31.00MHZ FM, TACP 'Ferret' on 32.00MHz FM).
- Removed special forces helo AI chatter from default radio channel.
- Stall detection on insurgent attack, after two hours defense objectives count as completed.
- Replaced radio notifier sound with a more correct and smaller in size clip.
- Eliminating 80% of deployed forward troops now sufficient for victory condition.
- Miscellaneous scripting additions and fixes.

* Included some suggestions from OddLizard, a few from Frett92, Newspeedy and Hagios
* Flight testing with Hagios
* Eagle Dynamics for creating the DCS series
* Thanks to all who participated in open betatests

Initial building time about a week, on and off. Including learning the editor.
Revision 1 a few more days.
Revision 2 got bogged down due to RL and debugging.

Freeware, distribution allowed as is with all files and attributions intact.
All rights otherwise reserved, unless specifically agreed upon. (It's ok to ask.)
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