Steel Winter, the Single Player Experience Mission 5 (for release ver 1.5.5)

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Steel Winter, the Single Player Experience Mission 5 (for release ver 1.5.5)

Uploaded by - Winston60
Date - 11/15/2016 22:24:40
Mission Five of Steel Winter - an ongoing Singleplayer missions project for A-10C's and A-10A's

Steel Winter is a series of interconnected single player missions for A-10A and A-10C pilots. This mission was built in Ver 1.5.5 release using the mission editor only, no additional scripting. No mods are required although Starway's Caucasus Textures 2.0 will give you much nicer Winter Scenery.

The situation:
It's now Spring and we have transferred to Kutaisi airbase in search of the General. It's taken some time to locate him but we now have good intel that he's hiding out at Kobuleti airbase and in the process of rebuilding and recruiting. Images from one of our Drones show him in posession of a particular Su-34 Fullback Bomber that was recently equipped with a new top secret weapons and avionics package. The Russian military desperately wants that Fullback returned, .... so we're going to steal it for them!

Our task is to attack the enemy forces at Kobuleti and eliminate all threats so one of our transport aircraft can land there. Recon photos show SAM's and AAA vehicles as well as patrolling tanks and armored vehicles at the objective. A few units are stationed in the nearby towns and may try to reinforce Kobuleti airfield as our attack progresses. We will have a C-130 Hercules available to us, on-board will be an SAS Strike Team and two CIA pilots. The mission will consist of 6 phases:

Phase 1. A-10's (or one Su-25T) will attack and destroy air defenses at Kobuleti.
Phase 2. A-10's will then destroy any and all ground forces at and near Kobuleti.
Phase 3. The A-10 Flight Leader will then call in the C-130 to land at Kobuleti.
Phase 4. Once the C-130 has landed and stopped, the SAS team will disembark, move to and secure the Fullback's hangar, and ins ert the CIA pilots.
Phase 5. A-10's will provide CAS in case the enemy tries to reinforce Kobuleti.
Phase 6. The CIA pilots will steal the Fullback and land at Kutaisi airbase with the A-10's providing escort.

Voice overs:
* Kimi "Sockmonkey" Hahn .... as 'Hercules 95 J'
* Chris “Datek” Poulos ......... as 'Grand Theft One'
* Cen "DarkFire" Blackwell ..... as 'Bulldog Two Zero'
* Maury "Moose" Pratt ......... as 'Coffee Time Actual'
** Do Not use my voiceover files in any other missions created for DCS. It's not fair to the hard work of the actors and to the hours I have spent to coordinate with the actors and to produce these voice files.

* Sorry but only the A-10A mission has been tested. If anyone finds any bugs in the A-10C version, please report them in the topic url given below.

In the .zip file I've provided two versions, one for A-10A and one for the A-10C. In each version you will fly with two AI wingmen and one AI Su-25T to provide SEAD for your attacks. It's your choice to use the Frogfoot or not. When it becomes available you will only have one minute to activate it.

Filename for A-10A mission: SteelWinterSingleA-5.miz
Filename for A-10C mission: SteelWinterSingleC-5.miz

Choose your own settings to customize the difficulty for your skill level, although I have locked "Fog of War" on the F10 Map setting, and civil traffic at "low".

I hope you find this entertaining. This set of interconnected missions is being built out of love for the A-10A which we fly often in our group and, of course, I didn't want to leave out the A-10C's. I'll be posting more missions in this series as they are completed and tested.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed, as well as bug reports and you may ask for help or playtips at the discussion topic here:
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