Control Profile: Thrustmaster TFlight HOTAS X

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Control Profile: Thrustmaster TFlight HOTAS X

Uploaded by - spectator257
Date - 11/13/2016 21:32:35
Control profile for the Thrustmaster Tflight HOTAS X joystick in DCS MiG-21bis with attached diagram for easy reference.

NOTE: Since there is no notification system for new comments, I may not see your comment in a timely manner. If you have have a question or suggestion that needs quick attention, please message me on the forums, my name there is Raven257.

My main goal was to tackle the HOTAS controls as depicted in the module's manual and match throttle to throttle and stick to stick. To achieve some semblance of authenticity, if a pilot would have to move off HOTAS to flick a switch or press a button in real life, chances are you'll have to do that here as well. Enjoy, see you in the skies!

Also, last but not least! Since this is a rather "simple" plane as far as controls go, the mappings are admittedly rather sparse. If you think I've either forgotten to map a control that is on the stick or throttle in real life or interpreted something the wrong way, please please please let me know in the comments ASAP so I can improve it for subsequent releases :)
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