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Operation "Safe-North-A" v1.7

Uploaded by - IAF.AssafB
Date - 10/28/2016 10:06:19
Georgian army is executing a major ground offensive to neutralize Abkhazian forces near the border and secure tactically valuable areas.
This operation requires intensive and closely coordinated air support (A-10C's, SU-25T's, Gazelles and KA-50's) to suppress Abkhazian ground opposition and allow our ground force achieving its goals without losing too much of its strength.

This mission can be used for coop (blue coalition) effort or - if enough users are participating - as a TvT : there are slots for Red tactical commanders and a pair Ka-50's.
If the mission slots are fully manned, both sides will also have air-to-air missions (F-15C's, M-2000's against Su-27's)

For improving the battle experience, use the additional OPERATION SAFE-NORTH TACTICAL MAP - a high resolution map containing tactical markings that allows for better coordination between the various forces.
* The map will be uploaded separately along with a description file due to its file size.

The Archive file includes:
1) mission MIZ file
2) PDF briefing for blue and red coalitions
3) The Tactical Map and a description file

1) This mission use utilizes Grime's MIST - Thanks Grimes!
2) I'd appreciate any feedback / comments regarding the mission and additional files, so that I can further improve it. Thanks!



Abkhazian armed forces have recently executed several attacks against Georgian's northern border towns and villages.
In response to these acts of aggression, Georgian northern command has been authorized to react with force.
Operation "SAFE-NORTH-A" is a contingency plan consisting of an armed assault to eliminate Abkhazian's military presence in the South-Eastern area of the international border. The operations' objective is to seize control of tactically important areas of the border, take positions to repel possible enemy counter-attacks and be ready to execute additional attacks against Abkhazian targets.

Our ground forces are currently in their staging areas:
•    Eastern strike force, staging near the city of Dzvhari consists of (x7) armored platoons (M1A1 tanks and M2 IFV's), (x4) recon teams (armed HMMWV's and (x2) mobile SAM teams (Avengers)
•    Western strike force, staging near the city of Zugdidi, consists of (x9) armored platoons, (x4) recon teams (armed HMMWV's) ,(x4) mobile SAM teams (Avengers) and (x4) logistical support teams (M818 trucks)
•    Artillery Support:
(x3) batteries of MLRS deployed South of Zugdidi 

1)    Eliminate all enemy presence at and near the Abkhazian army outposts designated:
a.    "ALPHA" (37T GH311239),
b.    "BRAVO" (37T GH231303)
c.    "CHARLIE" (37T GH293338)
2)    Secure those outposts by advancing an armed force of at least 4 units (from the armed platoons) to secure those objectives.
3)    Eliminate all enemy presence at and near "Eastern passage" (37T GH388311 ) - (village designated PGH332 in the operations' tactical map. As with the enemy outposts, secure the passage with 4 armed units.
4)    Destroy enemy outpost "DELTA" (37T GH332334) and all enemy forces near it. This outpost doesn't need to be secured by ground forces (terrain prohibit access to it).
5)    Eliminate all enemy presence near the road junction north of the city of Gali, (37T GH189273) and secure it with armed forces.
6)    Clear the city of Gali of all enemy units and secure it with 8 armed units.

a.    In order to secure an objective, be sure to use armed units (tanks and/or Bradly IFV's)
b.    Enemy outposts consist of a small camp and communication towers. These structures must also be destroyed in order to cleanse and occupy the outposts.
c.    Recon teams (two HMMWV's each, one of which equipped with a TOW launcher) can be of use by the tactical commanders for scouting and observing an objective or an area of interest,  before committing the slower armored columns (i.e. to detect an enemy ambush before it can hit the main advancing force)
d.    Enemy forces in the sector include a significant number of anti-tank assets (mainly based on T-80 tanks and BMP-3 IFV's)
e.    Logistics teams can be used to re-supply the advancing units (i.e. re-arm SAM teams after they've exhausted their missiles)


1)    CAS to assist our forces achieving their objectives:
a.    A-10C's: "Hammer" and "Hawg" (x4 ships each)
b.    SU-25T : "Frog" (x4)
i.    CAS aircraft T/O: Kutaisi
c.    SA342 Gazelles "Stinger" (x2)
d.    KA-50 Kamov "Hornet" (x2)
i.    Helicopters T/O: "London" FARP, (South of the city of Zugdidi)
2)    Air superiority : protect our forces against enemy air opposition:
a.    F-15C's, "Eagle" (x2)
b.    Mirage-2000 "Knife" (x2)
i.    Interceptors T/O: Kobuleti

1)    Senaki-Kolkhi AFB is friendly, but is within range of enemy long-range artillery rockets that are reported to be present in the area of operation. This AFB is therefore to be used solely for emergency landings
2)    Friendly AFB's are protected by Hawk SAM batteries
3)    Weaponry limitations:
a.    Fantasmagoria ELINT pods are not available
b.    Air-to-Air missiles: only short-range IR and semi-active radar guided missiles are available

1)    At least on SA-6 SAM battery is reported present in the sector. Current position unknown.
2)    Air defense battalion consisting of SA-8, SA-13 SAM's as well as Shilka AAA units are deployed with the enemy armored forces stationed in the area of operation
3)    Enemy AFB's are protected by SA-11 SAM batteries

•    Partially clouded sky, base at 3,000m
•    Wind is NW at 3 m/sec
•    Mission start time: 0900 local
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