Steel Winter Multiplayer Mission Four (for release ver 1.5.4)

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Steel Winter Multiplayer Mission Four (for release ver 1.5.4)

Uploaded by - Winston60
Date - 10/09/2016 21:03:02
Mission Four of Steel Winter - an ongoing Multiplayer co-op campaign project for A-10C's and A-10A's

Steel Winter is a series of multiplayer co-op missions for A-10A and A-10C pilots. This mission was built in Ver 1.5.4 release using the mission editor only, no additional scripting. No mods are required although Starway's Caucasus Textures will give you much nicer Winter Scenery. Navigation is simplified using the ATC menu and the MGRS grid system.

Mission Four scenario:
Since we arrived at Mozdok we have beaten back every attack by "The General" and have inflicted severe damage to his land and air forces. It would now seem that he has had enough! Last night a large convoy of his vehicles was spotted leaving Nalchik airbase and another vehicle convoy is, at this moment, departing fr om Beslan. Scramble to your A-10's that are armed and fueled, and standby for an in-cockpit briefing. "C" models are equipped with our new found TGP's so use them to locate and takeout any air defenses in the convoys first.

Here's our chance to keep the General from relocating these men and this equipment to another area wh ere he can continue to terrorize the population. With a Predator drone to keep an eye on the two convoys for you, you must destroy every vehicle to complete today's mission. Begin by attacking the Beslan convoy as it is closer, then locate and attack the Nalchik convoy. Beware of his few remaining fighter aircraft. You will have one F-15C, Mirage or F-5E to provide top cover for your attacks.

Voice overs:
* Chris “Datek” Poulos
* Eric "Air" Hahn
* Glenn "Apache600" Lilley
* Sam "Hook" Johnson
* ViKe
** Do Not use my voiceover files in any other missions created for DCS. It's not fair to the hard work of the actors and to the hours I have spent to coordinate with the actors and to produce these voice files.

* Bud "Bad Bud" Smith

I'm providing a standard version for 2 to 4 players in any combination of A-10A's and/or A-10C's, plus one fighter aircraft. Do not occupy all the slots, fly with 4 slots/pilots max, plus the fighter or there may not be enough action to keep you entertained.
Filename: SteelWinter-4.miz

I'm also supplying an alternate version for 4 to 6 players in any combination of A-10A's and/or A-10C's plus one fighter. Again, do not occupy all the slots, fly with 6 slots/pilots max plus the fighter or there may not be enough action.
Filename: SteelWinter-4alt.miz

Choose your own server settings to customize the difficulty for your particular group, although I have locked "Fog of War" on the F10 Map setting, and civil traffic at "low".

I hope you find this entertaining. This "mini-campaign" is being built out of love for the A-10A which we fly often in our group. I'll be posting more missions in this series as they are completed and tested, and single player versions will be posted as soon as I can complete and test them.

Comments, critiques and discussion are welcomed and I'll try to answer any questions at the discussion topic here:
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