Sand Viper mission for Nevada

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DCS: World 2.0
Sand Viper mission for Nevada

Sand Viper mission for Nevada

Date - 22.10.2017 01:10
Las Vegas is under attack from all sides by Russian armored divisions. The primary locations of these attacks are near Moapa (north eastern AO), Creech AFB (north western AO, Creech AFB is held by the Russians) and Pahrump (western AO).

This is a cooperative MP mission for the blue side (can also be played in SP, A2A mission activates only if F-15C or M-2000C clients active, SEAD mission activates only if Su-25T clients active)

edit 10/21/2017: implemented work around such that now homing beacons work also in MP (you may not hear the beacon's audio, but you will be able to home in). Because of this, I replaced the smoke markers to mark downed pilots (which are easily visible to the enemy) with flare markers.

Blue task:

Eliminate Russian armored divisions. CAS flights are supported by JTAC and AFAC.

North eastern AO: JTAC Axeman, 31 MHz FM, AFAC Enfield 126 MHz AM
North western AO: JTAC Darknight, 32 MHz FM, AFAC Springfield 127 MHz AM
Western AO: JTAC Warrier, 33 MHz FM, AFAC Uzi 128 MHz AM

Three FARPs are being erected (and are almost operational) near the AOs to add helicopter CAS capability to the battle field. Make a FARP operational by sling-loading in supplies (see briefing image for location) from Nellis. Once the cargo has been delivered, the Gazelle flight at the FARP will be unlocked, becoming available for a client to fly into battle. Also the FARP will be populated with friendly support units and SAMs. One friendly armoured group per AO has run out of materiel and needs to be resupplied by helicopter sling load before it can rejoin the battle.  Use F10 menu to get status update on sling load tasks.

One enemy armoured group per AO has run out of materiel and is being resupplied by truck convoy before it can rejoin the battle.  Eliminate these truck convoys. Use F10 menu to get status update on the latest truck convoy sightings.

Hueys (and Gazelles) are also tasked with CSAR [use F10 menu to see CSAR list]. Rescue a pilot by flying to its location and land within 100 m. For game-play reasons this completes the rescue, and a new AI fighter plane will spawn.

A heavy transport is in a holding orbit about 100 clicks ESE of Las Vegas (WP 4 for friendly F-15s and Mirages). If you are confident that you can provide escort cover for this plane, use F10 menu to send it to McCarran. Once the transport flight arrives at McCarran, a Patriot site will spawn at McCarran.

Georgian Su-25T flights are to provide SEAD.
AWACS Overlord is on 124 MHz AM
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