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Type - Mod
Author - Iceman_uy
Date - 09/29/2016 22:16:03
This mod enables the possiblity to have the KC-135, E-2C and E-3A aircraft show up on SADL.

I heard somewhere (?) that all aircraft detected by AWACS are designated by a Track Number and displayed in the SADL. That includes both friendly, and hostile aircraft. In addition, I heard from that same somewhere (???) that some of the latest KC-135 tankers are able to transmit their position in the SADL.

It works exactly like how you would set a tanker's TACAN channel in the mission editor.

How to:
Add an advanced waypoint action for the desired aircraft,
- TYPE: Peform Command.
- ENABLE: checked.

- AFAIK Track Number for AI aircraft cannot be set, they usually start in "0" so make sure you set your net numbers to deconflict accordingly (A-10C TAD).
- In multiplayer, only the server host has to run the mod. All other player can join with or without it.
- Fails Integrity Check.
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
  • Size: 2.52 Kb
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Tags: SADL, A-10C