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SA342 Gazelle

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Uploaded by - alaryk
Date - 08/22/2016 01:01:27
7h01 Am, the Carl Wilson and his escort bring you near Sukhumi.

A mobile command post coordinates enemies activities.
Our task is to locate it, destroy it and return to the Carl Wilson.

The target is hidden somewhere.... Overlord will give you instructions on the move as she gets informations.

Heavy enemy activities will make the task risky. Keep a low profil at all time, and follow your copilote and Overlord advises.

the Carls wilson is emitting on 200 Mhz AM.
Farp may become available during the flight.

This mission is build to be  replayable and include more than 60 random events.
3 différents objective can be assigned , each one with specific instructions and situations. Defense units, targets have multiple random locations.

Difficulty goes from medium to hard... you never know what to expect and it can sometime be really tricky :P

the mission in number:
- more than 600 units
- about 160 triggers
- about 60 random events/units
- about 70 customs speechs
- one month of works ! :P

Fm  radio navigation, Nadir utilisation, low level flight is mandatory.

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(ps: sorry for my bad English)

01/09/2016: V1.1: edited a bug that prevent landing detection on delivrance.
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Tags: Gazelle, dcs 1.5, SA342, SP