DCS: SA342 Gazelle Gray Dash Cockpit Mod

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DCS: World 1.5
SA342 Gazelle
DCS: SA342 Gazelle Gray Dash Cockpit Mod

DCS: SA342 Gazelle Gray Dash Cockpit Mod

Type - Mod
Author - Devrim
Date - 11.06.2017 01:42
V1.0a (09/18/2016) This mod provides a gray dash in cockpit for DCS: SA342 Gazelle M, L and Mistral modules. Includes both (EN&FR) languages.


    I just tried a view in my mind. Gray dash for Gazelle cockpit. This mod includes gray dash for SA342M and SA342L modules.
    This mod includes EN and FR languages, but EN users have to install Complete English Cockpit Mod to use this mod.
    Please see mod thread.




    *** This mod is compatible with "DCS: SA342 Gazelle Complete English Cockpits" v1.3a
    * This mod is only for DCS World v1.5.4 (or higher).
    * JSGME-Ready.
    * This mod is just pixel color change. Nothing more. :)
    * Please feedback about color tone to get better result.
    * Please do not create mirror links or files of this mod!

Thank you, have fun.


V1.0a: Changed installation method according to English Cockpit Mod. No any change on FR side!
V1.0:  Apply updates from Pholychop. Correction on translation (09/2016) (329 Downloads).
v0.9b: No update for EN. Fixed alpha and spec layers for FR.
v0.9a: No new update. Just added French labels.
v0.9:    First release (07/2016).
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: Any language
  • Size: 11.96 Mb
  • Downloaded: 1901
  • Comments: 2