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L-39 Albatros

L-39 To Honor the Blues V1.1

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - huntinghawk
Date - 07/09/2016 17:58:30
Based on the real L-39 N139PJ painted to honor the USN Blue Angels

Because it looks like the Douglas A-4J Skyhawk, the aircraft the Blues flew in the early 1980's, this Aero L-39 was painted in honor of the Blue Angels. There is no association between ANGEL 7 and the Blue Angels or the U.S. Navy.

V1.1 Update
Missed a few details on the wings and elevators. Should be all correct now.

To Install:
Extract Blue Angel 7 folder to Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\L-39\Liveries\L-39C

For difficulties, queries, or dilemmas regarding the repaint please e-mail me on julian.tirazona@gmail.com or just find me
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