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Mission Coalition Modification by uboats & Grimes

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - uboats
Date - 06/18/2016 04:59:28
Hi All,

Upon request from some players, recently, I started this mod for 1.5 and 2.0.
During the implementation, I came to know that Grimes has done such one year ago for 1.2.x (see here).

Therefore, we together finished this updated mod which is compatible with DCS 1.5 and higher. Here I want to thank Grimes for his gorgeous work


This includes mod for both OB and OA

v0.95: fix coalition assignment no response in new miz creation by Grimes
v0.9: log will automatically show after each operation
v0.8: 1st ver

The operation is completely same to Grimes's mod, but let me emphasize it again

How to use:

The modification panel is available via a button at the bottom of the mission briefing screen.
On the panel you can freely move countries around as you see fit.

"CHECK" will display an information box on the left showing the changes you have made along with how many (if any exist) groups and units belonging to that country will be moved.

"OK" Executes the changes, if any.

Press "Esc" will close the modification window, and change nothing.

Once anything is changed, save the mission after clicking 'OK'.

----- Grimes
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
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