Operation Kingpin - precision strike for the Gazelle

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DCS World 2.7
SA342 Gazelle

Operation Kingpin - precision strike for the Gazelle

Uploaded by - Don Rudi
Date - 06/11/2016 19:20:37
My second mission for the Gazelle is a shipborne precision strike at sunset against a rebel leader, codename "Kingpin".
Your task is to identify and destroy the correct vehicle of Kingpin.
If skimming the waves for 20 kilometers on the ingress and egress to avoid detection by enemy SA-6 batteries - at low light makes you uncomfortable, then this mission is not for you.
Mission contains custom R/T voices and briefing maps.  

Intelligence obtained information that rebel leader - code name "Kingpin" is in a convoy down to the coast.
USS Oliver H Perry brings you just outside the SAM umbrella of the coastal defences for a shipborne precision strike on the convoy.
The flightplan is designed to bring you to the shore safely using a hole in the enemy air defence. Konwoledge of your NADIR is therefore mandatory, as a are low flying skills, as most of your ingress and egress will take place at around 20 meters.

Listen to the radio for further instructions and also have an ear for your co-pilot, as he might have some valuable hints.
Your Gazelle will be fitted with 4 HOT3 missiles. You might choose to save one or two for the egress, you might need them.

The mission contains custom R/T voices for high command and your co-pilot, as well as briefing maps showing the important waypoints.
I tried to keep the mission dynamic, so you will not encounter the exact situation again, when playing the mission a second time.

Good luck!
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