DCS: SA342 Gazelle Complete English Cockpit

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SA342 Gazelle
DCS: SA342 Gazelle Complete English Cockpit

DCS: SA342 Gazelle Complete English Cockpit

Type - Mod
Author - Devrim
Date - 28.09.2018 10:01
V1.5.1 (09/2018) This mod provides complete English labelled cockpit environment for DCS: SA342 Gazelle M, L, Minigun and Mistral modules. Including TV & Nadir translations.


    * This mod is compatible with DCS World 2.x
    * This mod was made based on the stock cockpit textures.
    * Integrity Check - OK.
    * Please feedback about letter or translation mistakes, typos or your suggestions.
    * Please do not create mirror mods or download links for this mod!



Thank you. Have fun.


v1.5.1 - DON'T RE-DOWNLOAD v1.5 users! :) No update! Just reduced filesize of the mod so many thanks to @ams999. His advice saved tons of megabytes! (09/2018)

v1.5 - Reviewed a few words. Fixed the issue on the roof texture. Batch file (used for installation) removed. Now all models' files are ready in the package. Because the "upload file size" is max. 300 Mb now (09/2018)(6102DLs).

v1.4 - Added "Minigun" model's cockpit textures. Fixed "M" model's texture problems and fixed some issues. (06/2018)(6036DLs).

v1.3.2a - Fixed a little texture issue. (09/2017)(5165DLs).

v1.3.2 - Fixed a little texture issue. Changed installation method to pass Integrity Check of DCS World (07/2017)(3301DLs).

v1.3a - Re-saved SPEC texture files (Mipmaps). No urgent download necessary for this version (05/2017)(2779DLs).

v1.3 - Fixed an issue in "alpha texture". Applied an update fr om Pholychop (materials.lua). Installation method has been changed due to three models of Gazelle. Some textures that were omitted due to 100Mb lim it are back (09/2016)(2452DLs).

v1.2 - Applied updates from Pholychop. Added Mistral version. Correction on translation (09/2016)(1160 DLs).

v1.1 - Added English Cockpit for SA342L. Adapted for Customize Cockpit feature (07/2016).

v1.0b - Some corrections and additions before moderator check (06/2016).

v1.0 - First release (06/2016).
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
  • Size: 35.39 Mb
  • Downloaded: 6606
  • Comments: 11