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DCS World 2.5
L-39 Albatros

Smoke Bird L-39C

Uploaded by - Datek
Date - 05/12/2016 17:23:58
Single or Multiplayer mission (up to 4 aircraft).
Installation:  Download and place the file in C:/users/(username)/Saved Games/DCS/Missions

Situation:  You are a Pilot in the Czech Air Force stationed in Georgia, and your country needs you.  Your squadron Commander wants to present his daughter with a fly over during her birthday party on a boat along the shore near Kobuleti.  Successful completion of this mission will reflect favorably on your next evaluation report.  Screw it up and you will be in charge of the latrine cleaning detail this weekend.

Mission:  Batumi ATC is on channel 13.  Take off when ready.
Radio your commander at Waypoint 1.
At waypoint 2 activate your smoke canisters and fly a circle around the party boat.  Then fire all of your flares as you fly off into the sunset.
Land safely back at Batumi Air Base.

Note:  To use your smoke pods, turn on the weapons switch on the right side main switch panel, turn on the master arm switch behind the stick, and finally the arming button on your stick.  Pull the trigger to turn on or off smoke.
To fire flares, turn on the flare switch on the weapons panel behind the stick and push the colored buttons to fire that color flare.
Victory Condition:  Green flare fired within 3km of the Party Boat.
Failure Condition:  None.  Well, if you crash and burn I would consider that failure but that’s up to you.

This is the first mission that I have created.  I hope you enjoy it.  Comments and feedback/suggestions are always appreciated.<

Update 3/2019:  Updated to DCS version 2.5+
Update 12/2016:  Increased smoke pods to 3, expanded the trigger zone for victory to the correct size, added full voice overs.
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