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SA342 Gazelle

SA-342 中文驾驶舱 Mod v0.994

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - uboats
Date - 05/06/2016 09:54:50
Since China has imported a few Gazelle. Here I made a Chinese Cockpit for SA-342 all three versions.

因为中国引进过少量 小羚羊,而且贴的中文标签,所以我直接做了这个中文驾驶舱,3个型号都可用


v0.994: fixed bugs
v0.992: fixed some bugs
v0.99: add SA342L, and now this is for customized pit locatioin (read updated install) (must be 1.5.4/2.0.3 and newer)
v0.95: add new, fix bugs (IFF translated)
v0.9: update trans, fix bugs (almost done, and IFF will not be translated since not simulated)
v0.8: add more trans, and fix bugs

1. download and unzip the file, you will get a chinese folder
2. sa342M:
a. copy and paste the chinese folder into 'DCS Install\Mods\aircraft\SA342\Liveries\Cockpit_SA342M\'
b. rename description_M.lua to description.lua
2. sa342L:
a. copy and paste the chinese folder into 'DCS Install\Mods\aircraft\SA342\Liveries\Cockpit_SA342L\'
b. rename description_L.lua to description.lua
3. sa342Mistral:
a. copy and paste the chinese folder into 'DCS Install\Mods\aircraft\SA342\Liveries\Cockpit_SA342Mistral\'
b. rename description_Mistral.lua to description.lua

Then in game, you can enjoy it

1. 下载解压后得到chinese文件夹
2. sa342M:
a. 把chinese文件夹复制到 'DCS Install\Mods\aircraft\SA342\Liveries\Cockpit_SA342M\'
b. 把 description_M.lua 重命名为 description.lua
2. sa342L:
a. 把chinese文件夹复制到 'DCS Install\Mods\aircraft\SA342\Liveries\Cockpit_SA342L\'
b. 把 description_L.lua 重命名为 description.lua

  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: Chinese
  • Size: 35.52 Mb
  • Downloaded: 7735
  • Comments: 13
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