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Type - Mod
Uploaded by - Blindspot
Date - 08/23/2010 19:21:13
V1.7 further enhances BS/FC2 editor. It adds AND/OR trigger logic, up/down buttons for changing list element positions and CLONE buttons for triggers, rules and actions.

By installing this MOD the following features are added or changed in BS Mission Editor


    * Now you can change coalitions at any time. Click on the new coalitions icon to open the coalitions dialog.

Trigger Editor

    * Newly created trigger objects will be inserted into the trigger list behind the currently selected trigger item - not at the end anymore.
    * In trigger dialog, there now are arrow buttons at the top of each listbox, so you can move the currently selected item one position up or down within the list.
    * The new "CLONE" buttons below each of the lists create a deep copy of the currently selected trigger, rule or action and insert it behind the selected element.
    * Changed the width of the two trigger edits "Name" and "Type" to enhance readability. If this proves to be helpful other edit box widths could be changed as well in future releases
    * In trigger dialog, there now are two rule lists that are AND or OR combineable. The two modes ((OR) AND (OR)) and ((AND) OR (AND)) can be selected by pressing the new buttons "(A) AND (B)" and "(A) OR (B)" between the lists. It's up to you to leave one list empty. Existing missions created in older or unmodded installations are compatible and can be edited without limitations. Missions containing AND/OR triggers are runtime compatible with unmodded hosts.

Unit List

    * The new button "CLONE" creates a deep copy of the currently selected unit group including waypoints, targets, target categories, units and their payloads.
    * The new buttons "SHOW ALL", "HIDE ALL" and "TOGGLE" work like their counterparts in the trigger list dialog but only the visible list elements are affected. So, using the filters, you can selectively show or hide groups of elements or toggle between them.

Map View

    * This MOD features <51>Case's "bearing bugfix"; Thank you Case!

Missions created and edited using ModdedME run on unmodded installations too. Missions created with an older or unmodded version can be edited without restrictions.
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: Any language
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