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JTAC & AWACS for Ka-50 and Mi-8

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - Home Fries
Date - 04/23/2016 17:36:22
Integration of JTAC and AWACS Ka-50/Mi-8 mods by TurboHog and ProfessorRider with updated compatibilty with DCS World 1.5/2.0.  Uploaded with permission from TurboHog.

This mod adds the ability of the Ka-50 and Mi-8 to contact JTAC for Close Air Support tasking, as well as AWACS.  The current mod is based on TurboHog's v1.5 mod with ProfessorRider's updates to add the Mi-8 and make the JTAC work for the "Red" side as well.

Notable changes are that the R-828/R-863 frequencies are no longer fixed or modified (since this can now be done in the individual missions) and JTAC has been moved to the F9 key in the Comms menu to allow for the default sling loading functionality now available with F6.


This mod is in three parts:
    1) The JTAC & AWACS Main mod
    2) The Ka-50 module-specific mod
    3) the Mi-8 module-specific mod

To use this mod properly, you must have the Main mod enabled.  Then enable the module-specific mods for whichever modules you have installed (i.e. Ka-50/Mi-8).  The reason for the separation is because if you don't have one of the modules (e.g. the Mi-8), installing the Mi-8 file will cause a crash to desktop.

Change Log:
1.5    Baseline release for Ka-50 by TurboHog
1.5a    Added ProfessorRider's updates for Mi-8 and Red JTAC
1.5b    Added JSGME separation and DCS World 1.2.14 compatibility
1.5c    DCS World 1.2.15 compatibility
1.5d    1.5.3/2.0.2 compatibility
1.5e    1.5.7/2.1.1 compatibility
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: Any language
  • Size: 14.17 Mb
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