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PO Extractor GUI for module localizations v2.5

PO Extractor GUI for module localizations v2.5

Type - Utility
Author - uboats
Date - 01.02.2017 09:24
Recently, I wrote an app to extract all key text (hint, input, options, quickstart miz name, module introduction, weapons in coremods etc), and generate the po file for localizations.

Now, program is upgraded to GUI version

1. To translate, you need poedit to open po file
2. after translation, compile to po to mo file, and move it to 'XXX/l10n/LC/LC_MESSAGES/' and rename it 'messages.mo'. Replace /LC/ by any locale (en, ru, de, fr, es, cn, it, cs), e.g. xxx/l10n/ru/LC_MESSAGES/
3. guarantee that the locale in Config/lang.cfg is same as LC of the path.


1. extract all desired text (for localization) and build po file [open by poedit.exe]
2. update existing po files without deleting already translated entries
3. select desired entries that you want to include in po file
4. error log

NOTE: to make desired text able to be localized, all the key text (hint, input name, category, options, quickstart miz name, weapon names, introduction) must be bracketed by _()

1. put the exe under the root of desired module folder
    (e.g. /Mods/aircraft/L-39C/po_extractor.exe)

2. create po file:
  2.1 double click the exe file to open the GUI window, select desired entries
  2.2 click Run, and it will create a xxx.po file
        for that module (xx is the updateid of the module)

3. update po file:
  3.1 after receiving po files with keys translated from translators, put those po file
       under the root of that module folder (where the exe file exists)
  3.2 run the exe. If key names are modified (changed, deleted, added),
       then the po will be updated accordingly
       (delete, add, keep existing translated keys(if key name not changed) )

v2.5: fix bugs
v2.4: add optionDb.lua analysis
v2.3: fixed training mission name/description extraction
v2.2: fixed bugs for input
v2.1: add training mission, and err log
v2.0: GUI ver
v1.10: add support for non A/C module
v1.09: add Macro_sequence.lua parser
v1.08: fix '\n' in key bug *important*
v1.07: add unitpayloads extraction without declaring in entry.lua or using _()
v1.06: add sorting (keys in same category (hint, input etc) are placed together in po); bug fix
v1.05: add support of module radio cmd, and all dcs comm radio cmds are ignored
v1.04: fixed a bug for searching input lua files
v1.03: now all common input keys will be ignored to avoid duplicated translation (save your time)

P.S: if no po file created, please run it as admin
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
  • Size: 2.03 Mb
  • Downloaded: 1783
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