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UH-1H Huey

Greenwar - Introduction flight

Uploaded by - Eight-Ball
Date - 03/14/2016 01:11:33
1st mission of the Greenwar campaign (still WIP)
You need DCS:UH-1H and the NTTR in order to play it.

List of required mods in the description.

You're a young UH-1H pilot who just started working for Rocky Mountain Helicopters Services, a private company operating 4 hueys with activities ranging from construction work to VIP transport aswell as assisting the local emergency services.

As a rookie, you will have to prove your skills with cargo before being allowed to transport VIP and ultimately take part in rescue operations.
Your first job will be to carry building materials for a new antenna near the hover dam.
But today you will just perform a small recon flight of the area with your copilot.

Thread :

Mandatory mods :
Upuaut's cargo & objects =
Ranger79's Modpack =
Rocky Mountain rescue skin=
Private Military Contractor skin=

Optional :
Desert Soldier =
Environmental Protester crowd =
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