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Uploaded by - DragonShadow
Date - 05/07/2012 13:56:20
Blindsided - by DragonShadow

OLD VERSION, revised version can be found here:

Co-operative mission supporting upto 4 players (2 recommended).
Available aircraft: 2xKa-50, 2xA-10C.

Scramble and defend Batumi airdrome against a sneak attack by well armed insurgents! Then take the battle to them.

* Co-op and single player (Multiplayer server with 1 client) support. Note: Difficulty higher for single player.
* Plenty of scripted events with radio traffic (text with audible notifier) and miscallaneous detailing.
* Some more aggressive, scripted AI behaviour.
* On the move troop deployments.
* JTAC available (but not necessary) for final operations.

Official forum thread for original version:

[Briefing room]
As you may know, we have not received any word back from the eastern patrol, since they reported hearing heavy vehicles in the pass. We can only assume the worst.

As of twenty minutes ago we received confirmation that insurgent forces are attempting a sneak attack on the Batumi airdrome.

US Specops are just now sending ahead a two man TACP unit, designation 'Ferret', to provide coordination on a counter attack on the insurgent outpost we have located to the east. Before we can worry about the outpost though, we must succesfully defend Batumi from the insurgent forces closing on us.

Local defense forces are engaged with light enemy units as I speak. Your aircrafts have been fueled and armed, they are waiting. There is no time to waste, scramble!

Aimed at:
Pilots reasonably comfortable with either the KA-50 or A-10C in combat tasks and start up, moderate difficulty level.

* Included some suggestions from OddLizard, a few from Frett92
* Flight testing with Hagios
* 27878__inequation__walkietalkie-eot.wav:
(Under license
* Eagle Dynamics for creating the DCS series

Building time about a week, on and off. Including learning the editor.

Freeware, distribution allowed as is with all files and attributions intact.
All rights otherwise reserved, unless specifically agreed upon.
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