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F-86F Sabre

Yugoslavian Sabre Aerobatic Display Team v1.5.3.53279

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - Beefdork
Date - 02/07/2016 18:47:00
Five skins for F-86 Sabre in colors of Yugoslavian Aerobatic Display Team from the 1960s. (Changes: Corrected description.lua files to work with game version

Precision display flying in Yugoslavia started during 1930s when Royal Yugoslav Air Force pilots flew aerobatic programs on Avia BH33s, Hawker Furies and indigenous Rogozarski SIM XI aircraft.

After World War II and during late 1940s, many air displays called "aero meetings" were held across Yugoslavia and a few pilots flying Bucker Jungmanns and Jungmeisters demonstrated their aerobatic skills. Later, one overall red and one yellow-painted Yak-9P were typical aerobatic performers while pilots of the 44th Air Division displayed their formation flying skills using four Ikarus S-49As.

The first jet display team was formed at the end of the 1959 by the pilots of the 204th Fighter Aviation Regiment based at Batajnica airfield. Their first public appearance was during the visit of the president of Sudan in July 1960. The following month, the team performed an aerobatic program with their four yellow and blue Canadair CL-13 Mk-4 Sabre's in Leskovac, Serbia in front of a crowd of 80.000 spectators. They next performed for a crowd of 200.000 spectators attending the Belgrade Air show held at Zemun airport. In 1961, a group consisting of five aerobatic Sabres made appearances at the air shows held at Brnik airport near Ljubljana, Slovenia and at Pleso airport near Zagreb, Croatia. The team performed aerobatics on heights 30-1500 m and at a speed range of 300-950 km/h. Unfortunately, this display team was disbanded in 1964 but a short documentary film was made about the team called «Pet pilota» («Five pilots»).

Pack includes five skins and custom pilot uniform, helmet and patches.
For installation use JSGME mod enabler or copy the files manually.

- corrected description.lua files to work with game version
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