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SU-25T reference documentation

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Date - 02/03/2016 17:15:31
A customized set of several types of documents to be used as reference for the SU-25T.

In the zip file, you will find several types of documents in Word, PNG and PDF formats. These documents reference useful information concerning the SU-25T.

How to use:

In any way you see fit. You are free to edit the documents, the reason I've included both Word and PNG formats.

If you prefer the in-game kneeboard, the PNG pictures fit in perfectly. If you want to modify them, simply edit the PNG files or the Word documents, whichever way you find easier.

If you're like me and prefer using a tablet as a kneeboard, I've thrown in a PDF document that's a compilation of the included files. It works great on an iPad for example.

Zip file contains:

- 9x MS Word documents
- 10x PNG format pictures
- 1x PDF document of the 10 PNG pictures


Because I'm giving back to the community. All these files are simply a customized compilation of information found in the forums and the manual. Credit goes to the original authors. Hopefully it can help newcomers like many documents before-hand have helped me.

Best regards,

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