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[SP] The Summit In Tbilisi (voice over) v1.1

Uploaded by - Mauser55
Date - 03/25/2012 19:50:26
UPDATE v1.1> No more game crashes !!

My second mission which easily follows The Valley Run mission (http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=85902)

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[SP] The Summit In Tbilisi

Listening/reading of radio messages is essential
You should be able enter coordinates in multiple formats
Choose your weapons wisely you dont know what will be your next target
Dont try to do textbook examples of dive, bombing run etc. sometimes time is crucial
Tested only with v1.1.1.1
Forum thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=86373


Today at 0700 is set a meeting in Tbilisi. Attended by locals and our representative general Peret. General will arrive to Lochini airport in his C130. After that his convoy (Star 1-1) will go towards meeting point (MP) located in Tbilisi. Your task is to protect Star 1-1 and provide CAS in Tbilisi area if needed.


1. Take off from Vaziani at 0700 (ramp)
2. Fly to IP
3. Recieve orders from Star 1-1
4. Follow orders
5. Wait for clearence to RTB (clearence in radio message not that from AFAC/JTAC)
6. RTB


ATC - Vaziani - 140 MHz VHF AM

AFAC - Dodge 1-1 - 30 MHz VHF FM

CAS - Colt 1-1, Springfield 1-1 - 2x AH-64D - 140 MHz VHF AM

F10 - Other menu
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