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DCS World 1.5

Cargo Escort

Uploaded by - pdmarsh
Date - 01/23/2016 17:14:04
Escort C-130 cargo transports to resupply Novorossiysk airbase.  Move cargo to designated zones.  Keep enemy reinforcements at bay while resupply mission is underway.

Player or AI aircraft will escort C-130 cargo transports from Sochi-Adler to Novorossiysk airbase.  Player helicopter transports will move dropped cargo from runway to assigned drop zones to achieve primary mission goal of resupplying airbase.  Secondary goal is to keep enemy reinforcements from reaching Novorossiysk airbase while resupply mission is under way.

Mission written for DCS World 1.5.

All player aircraft on hot start.  CAS flights start in air.

Available player aircraft:
2X Su-25T (CAS)
4X A-10C  (CAS)
2X A-10A  (CAS)
4X F-15C  (Escort)
2X UH-1H  (Transport)
2X Ka-50  (Transport)

Ideal player makeup of mission:
2 to 4 Escort aircraft
2 to 6 CAS aircraft
2 Transport helicopters

If no escort pilots in mission, AI escorts will spawn.
If no CAS pilots in mission, no enemy convoys will spawn.
A single helicopter transport could move all cargo if only one is flying in mission, but it is a lot of work!

Narrated mission briefing video included in mission download zip file.
Higher resolution video briefing on YouTube:

Link to mission discussion thread:
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