Lino_Germanys Nevada Beacon Map (Version 0.4)

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DCS World 2.0

Lino_Germanys Nevada Beacon Map (Version 0.4)

Type - Document
Uploaded by - Lino
Date - 12/11/2015 16:00:48
Based on the DCS: World 2.0 mission editor map, I´ve prepared a BEACON MAP that shows the exact positions of NDBs, VORTACs, RSBNs, TACAN and ILS. It is currently much work in progress, so improvement suggestions are welcome.

You have to use the beacon map preferred with Windows Photo Viewer (easy zoom function with mouse wheel, fast image formation) on a separate monitor / laptop computer. An alternative solution may be the use on a tablet or a mobile phone.

As always, it´s a pleasure to receive improvement suggestions from the community.

Please visit to leave any feed back, comments, suggestions.
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