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The Helicopter War Nevada edition

Uploaded by - markuswohlgenannt
Date - 12/09/2015 00:50:58
Red and blue forces are battling over control of Nevada. The current front line extends roughly north to south, going through a line half way between Creech AFB (red) and Nellis AFB (blue). Both sides rely heavily on helicopter forces, and to a more limited degree, on airpower. The air battle is largely fought by F-5E and Mig-21bis, with each side seeking air superiority.


EDIT 3/16/2018: fixed R-828 homing frequencies
EDIT: 3/22/2018: - moved spawn zone of troops away from FARPS (now the FARPS can be captured) to three camp locations per side. - rescued troops can now be dropped off at airfields, FARPs and MASHs. This mitigates the problem of excessively long flight times.

UH-1H flights on blue side and Mi-8MT flights on red side:
You are tasked with CSAR [use F10 menu to see CSAR list]. Rescue a pilot by flying to its location (an infantry soldier is used as a stand-in) and land within 100 m. If pilot ejected over water, you won't see the stand-in (he is on the sea floor), use smoke marker (F10 menu) instead. If landing is not possible,  hover over downed pilot for 10s at 25 - 35 m AGL. Return the rescued pilots to an active MASH.
You are also tasked with air assault. Load soldiers using the F10 menu. The objective is to capture enemy bases. This is done by eliminating all enemy forces from the base, and landing our troops there (use F10 to offload troops). You can request a heavily armed escort helicopter (F-10 menu) to assist you in this task, also your wingman is configured as a gunship.
There are active and inactive MASHs in the mission. Drop rescued pilots at an active MASH. You can turn inactive MASHs into active ones by supplying them by sling load.
SA342M flights on blue side and Ka-50 flights on red side:
You are tasked with eliminating red armor at WP 1. After WP1 is clear of all enemy units, proceed to eliminate enemy units at WP 2. Use your wingman to assist you (blue side only).
F-5E-3 flights on blue side and Mig-21bis flights on red side:
Provide air cover for the CAS flights, and eliminate all enemy fighters in the area. AWACS Overlord is on 251 MHz AM (blue) or AWACS 999 is on 129.5 MHz AM (red). Expected red aircraft are Mig-21bis and Su-25s and F-5E-3s and A-10As for blue side.
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