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VAICOM 2.0 for VoiceAttack

VAICOM 2.0 for VoiceAttack

Type - Utility
Author - Hollywood_315
Date - 31.12.2017 11:44
----------- NOTICE -----------
Dear users,
Please note that VAICOM 2.0 is now suprseded by the VAICOM PRO 2.5 (FREE/PRO) plugin for VoiceAttack.
You are advised to install the free download from the website:
Up-to-date thread:

VAICOM is by far the most advanced and powerful voice recognition package available for DCS World today. Next Generation version 2.0 makes the sim’s traditional weak spot, i.e. the F-key based comms menus, fully obsolete and ready for the museum. Set up your system for VAICOM 2.0 and you will be having true-to-life and real-time conversations directly with the sim's AI, adding to deep immersion and realism as well as providing huge battlefield advantages through fast response times in the heat of complex missions. VAICOM's dynamic logic engine makes sure you'll never have to think about F-keys again!

VAICOM 2.0 has been completely reworked from version 1.1, building on the latest VoiceAttack toolkit. This version allows for virtually unlimited freedom of speech with keyword-based and context-sensitive command interpretation. Full callsign support for player and all recipient types, as well as all-comprehensive flows for dynamic ATC handling and complex multi-pass JTAC coord/WP/IR/LASE type attacks make VAICOM 2.0 unique in its kind.

A-10C and F-15C profiles are included, and new add-on profiles for other aircraft modules will be released separately.
VAICOM can be used with Easy Communications set to either ON or OFF.
Please read carefully the included User Guide for installation und usage instructions.

VAICOM uses VoiceAttack software:
Up-to-date information can be found in this thread:

Happy Hunting!
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
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