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F-86F Sabre

F-86F Improved Attitude Indicator

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - Hells-A-Droppin'
Date - 10/14/2015 16:01:14
Improved, colorized, high-visibility attitude indicator instrument texture for F-86F module, compatible with both Standard Original Cockpit as well as Grizzly's Weathered/Worn Cockpit mod, two JSGME-ready folders are included in the zip file.


The DCS F-86F's attitude indicator instrument, as-modeled, is a piece of junk. It already is upside down and backwards... on top of that it's just a black ball with little white tick marks and I find myself studying it far too long to figure anything out whilst flying in IFR conditions/night etc, making life kind of un-fun in the Saber.

As such, I've... made it look more or less like a normal ADI does, and it also illuminates at night to clearly depict sky vs. ground sides of the ball like it would during the day.

With this, the hope is that you can keep a better eye on your attitude out of your periphery while flying the plane and keeping your sight line on the target, not the instrument panel/imminent death.

NOTE: This mod includes the previously published F-86F Cockpit Glare Reduction Mod, to aid in visibility overall (as that is this mod's goal). I cannot find the name of the original author - he is owed credit for use of his texture.

IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO USE THE GLARE REDUCTION MOD, simply delete the "cockpit glass" DDS file in the lowermost folder, and off you go.
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