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DCS World Airshow Mission

Uploaded by - Gogol007
Date - 08/21/2015 21:04:39
Airshow mission for the DLC of F-15C, DCS World

This content is made for DCS World Series high-qualitative combat Flight Simulator and is supposed to enhance or add some features, like liveries, mods, missions, etc.

In detail, it features an Airshow mission, located at Batumi Intl. Airport, which is flyable if you are a customer of the DCS: F-15C DLC or of DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3.
You will get the role of an F-15 Eagle pilot, showing an air maneuver demo.
Your task is to fly around the pylons, and your keywords are “fly low and turn right”.

JSGME Compatible
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