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Type - Campaign
Uploaded by - Dooom
Date - 01/20/2012 12:37:13
**This is an UNTESTED BETA**, THIS IS THE FIRST MISSION I EVER MADE A LOONG TIME AGO... NO PROMISES IT STILL WORKS. FEEL FREE TO EDIT. Scripted story focusing on a hypothetical run of play in Georgia stemming from Azer-Armenian tension in Karabakh.

I will collect feedback in the ED forums thread and post an updated version once enough feedback has been collected.

ED Forum thread here:

Why are there little towers in many Georgian towns? What is the Georgian connection to the Greeks? Where is the highest community in Europe? Who are Daeli, Medea, Amirani and K'op'ala? Discover the answers to these questions and more when you fly Shadows of Karabakh.

You are part of a 4 ship assignment with CIA tasking during a very tense 7 day operational tasking. Known only as ROSCO (Reactionary Order, Special CIA Operations), your package has been aligned with this section chief for special prosecution of Western interests.

This is a unique story which highlights the sensitive nature of the Georgian political landscape. With diverse mission tasking and operational environments, you and your wingmen will learn about the political and ethnic histories of this theater. Politics, Legend, Sculpture and Art abound.

It is important to note that this is not a campaign of attrition. Priority objectives for mission success are offered in each brief but you can continue to prosecute targets once objectives have been met.

Some flight times are long and some not. I tried to keep the 7 days quite varied in tasking.

This mission set is brought to you by d0o0m as a learning experiment into the mission editor and a self-indulgent nod to my geopolitical/ethnic curiosities... I hope you enjoy the backstory / mission set and that they pique your interest in the history and region this title is set within. Be kind with your criticisms and feel free to edit the series for enhancement. I only ask that you make note of your enhancements in the mission briefings.

All audio by me...  feel free to improve.

NOTE: Due to real life time constraints, this mission set has NOT been fully playtested. Feel free to acknowledge any errors and I will endeavor to repair.

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