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Type - Skin
Author - Easypeac3
Date - 21.11.2019 04:50
Update 21.11.19:   Improved all the textures and added 2 new liveries.

- Corrected all the mistakes fr om the last update. And there where a lot...
- Removed all the stencils and warning decals and then retextured it
- I changed that strange camo to a more accurate one
- Tweaked M60 doorgun, the chaff launcher
- Added the reflective or tritium stripe(?) on the tail section
- Other small improvments

The package now contains 11 different skins:

- US Army green (normal and medic)
- US Army desert (normal and medic)
- US Army camo (normal, with fantasy patch on door and medic)
- US Army black (normal and fictional 160th SOAR)
- USAF Rescue
- US Navy

In the zip is a folder named "UH60_Pilot&Interior", wh ere you find 6 different uh60_texture.zip's. They contain the changes around the cockpit and also the pilots camo. There is a zip for every combination. Just look into the folder "UH60_Pilot&Interior",
choose the changes you like and overwrite the existing file in "...\DCS\Bazar\World\textures\...". Look further down for more details.

I could not achieve, that each skin has its own pilot. If anybody of you guys knows how to, please write it in the comments.




How to install or update from previous version:

1.     Just copy the folder  "Bazar" into your "...\DCS\..." or your "...\DCS.openbeta\..." folder. And overwrite all files.

2.     You can choose the different liveries in your mission editor in the US Helo section.

If you like to change the camo of the crew or the interior to the new one, go to "...\DCS\Bazar\World\textures\..." or "...\DCS.openbeta\Bazar\World\textures\..." , make a Backup of the "UH_60_textures.zip", then you overwrite it with one out of "UH60_Pilot&Interior".


Remove all folders of the liveries you dont want anymore out of your "...\DCS\Bazar\Liveries\uh-60a..." or your "...\DCS.openbeta\Bazar\Liveries\uh-60a..."folder.
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: Any language
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