Operation Cherkessk v1.3 coop 8 (Full)

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A-10C Warthog

Operation Cherkessk v1.3 coop 8 (Full)

Uploaded by - MadTommy1
Date - 01/07/2011 11:35:05
A 100 odd triggers manage this mission, only god knowns how many conditions.  It has been thoroughly tested in a multiplayer environment and has been specifically designed as a muliplayer coop mission.

Mission features:
One of 16 variations will be launched at mission start, this should provide a lot of 're-playability'.  4 possible mission, each with 4 tasks, with 4 possible threat environments, = 16 variations.

All tasks given via messages, triggered when needed.

You must complete one task before moving onto the next, you will be told when a task has been completed.

3 AFAC flights providing FAC & JTAC

Dynamic weather


Full coop 8 version version

Russia Vs Nato scenario.

Your flight of A-10c, call-sign TUSK will be on patrol in the Cherkessk area.  

Dawn departure, 06:00hrs.

This area is extremely hostile.

Home base is Nal'chik

Tower radio frequency is 136 AM

AFAC Frequencies:
Uzi 3-1 - UHF-AM 258
Pontiac 5-1 - UHF-AM 255
Ford 2-1 - UHF-AM 251

Scramble to your stations. Head towards Cherkessk and patrol the area.

You will receive your tasking once you are airborne.

You will need to be able to take notes to help with locating your tasks in order to follow orders. (Have a pencil & paper to hand)

Good Luck!

NB Mission Notes:
If you miss a tasking, they will be repeated after 5 minutes and then 10 minutes later.  If you have still missed them return home and put a pointed hat on with a D on it and sit in the corner!  Your mission is over.

When a tasking has been completed you will receive notification and shortly after receive your next tasking.  If you do not complete a task you will not receive the next task.

In your tasking you will receive the target type, its lat/long coordinates and a general description of where it is located.  Knowing how to enter and navigate to given coordinates is desirable but not essential.

There are 3 AFACs in the mission, these can be only used by the server host or in single player, they are not essential to the mission.  
Server host MUST fly as TUSK 1-1 in order to use them.
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