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Border Patrol - Mission 7

Uploaded by - DarkFire
Date - 12/31/2010 13:39:08
The 7th mission in my "Border Patrol" series, in this mission you fly the Su-27. Your mission is a high-value air-kill against an enemy ELINT patrol... And may contain other surprises...

This mission contains custom briefing material.

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Russian ground forces continue their advance to the south east along the coast. Spetsnaz units supported by strategic aviation units continue to advance quickly along the border, eliminating enemy positions as they encounter them.

Opposition to our advance in the south has been stiff, with some Georgian units fighting fanatically to the bitter end in the face of overwhelming Russian numerical, tactical and technological superiority.

The 244th Motor Rifle Division has suffered 5-7% losses during the past 48 hours of combat operations, however with the support of the 339th Frontal Aviation Regiment they have advanced almost 110Km in to Georgia.

The next strategic objective for Russian forces will be Babushara airfield and the series of vital bridges just to the north of it.

It appears that the Ukraine intends to become directly involved in this conflict. They have an An-30M ELINT aircraft orbiting over the Crimea and intelligence believes that they are monitoring our operations in order to evaluate the strenth of our force deployment. This can not be allowed. In order to simplify the tactical situation in preparation for our next phase of ground operations we intend to end the Georgian intelligence gathering patrol.
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