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Border Patrol - Mission 5

Uploaded by - DarkFire
Date - 12/31/2010 13:31:03
This is the 5th mission in my "Border Patrol" series. In this mission you pilot the MiG-29S in support of SEAD strikes against enemy airfield defences.

This mission contains custom briefing material.

During the past week Frontal Aviation units based in theatre and Naval Aviation units based on the Admiral Kuznetsov have conducted limited operations against Georgian air defences and forces and Ukrainian air defence units and aircraft. Elements of the 32nd Special Forces battalion have also conducted air operations to curtail local insurgent activity.

Moscow has decided that we will no longer react to enemy operations. It is time to take the initiative. This evening sees the commencement of pro-active operations against all Georgian and Ukrainian forces in-theatre.

Theatre command at Krasnodar have decided that prior to the commencement of ground operations against Georgian forces and their Ukrainian backers, we must first reduce the enemy's ability to conduct air operations against us and friendly ground units. We are beginning with SEAD strikes against Samtredia and Senaki airfield defences. Your squadron will conduct an offensive fighter sweep in support of SEAD operations.
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