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AI Wingman Survival Mod

Type - Other
Uploaded by - TAIPAN_
Date - 11/10/2011 08:46:21
MODMAN Package - install with Modman and the BS2 patch.

Makes your wingman play a little bit safer, and smarter in the face of enemy air defences.

See Description or Readme for more information.

MODMAN Package - install with Modman and the BS2 patch.

This mod is intended to resolve *some* of the wingman  frustrations, i.e. make him fly into death less often. It won't greatly increase your wingmans kills, as that is not  the intent. But it will make him more likely to survive.

* Turned on pathfinding in mountains for lower skill level AI
* Reduced missile launch time
* Increased slightly the distance for launching ATG missiles
* Vehicle detection distance changed to 10km instead of 5.5km.

We can see them that far so why not our wingman.
* Infantry detection distance changed to 3km instead of 100m. At 100m they would be dead..
* Missile evasion turned on for even average wingmen
* Reduced reaction delay on missile launch to 0 for all skill  levels. Your wingmen doesn't have to be stupid even if he is low skill.

Other things YOU should do to ensure your wingmans survival:
* ALWAYS remove rockets from your wingman in the mission  planner, rocket use gets people killed in an environment with  anti-aircraft threats (almost every DCS mission).
* Only send him on 1-2km Recce at a time, 5km Recce can get him killed
* Don't order him to attack after other attacks - ask him to rejoin first. This allows him to use his standoff range better.
* If giving a non-targetted order, ask him to rejoin after a couple of targets so that he gets his standoff range back.

Happy Hunting!
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