DCS A-10C Thrustmaster Warthog & MFD Profile [V2]

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A-10C Warthog

DCS A-10C Thrustmaster Warthog & MFD Profile [V2]

Uploaded by - Tiogar
Date - 11/07/2011 17:58:20
Profile [V2] for Thrustmaster Warthog & MFD's. Extra commands are available via the MFD's when the joystick paddle/pinky switch is used.

Note 1: The keyboard num pad is mapped to the UFC num pad.

Note 2: Some Commands are displayed in center of each MFD display for both the Throttle and Joystick. Underlined commands do not need the joystick paddle/pinky modifier.

Note 3: I Mapped my Throttle slew click button to Track IR pause and my Throttle Mic press button to Track IR center. This is done in the Track IR application

Notes re Printing. I designed these using open office at home. I found that when I printed them in work with the exact same version of Open Office the printout did not align up correctly. My personal solution and recomendation to this was/is to use XPS.


Once I updated my .Net environment in work I was able to open XPS documents in Internet Explorer by simply dragging the file. If you have any problems you can google printing xps documents.

I hope someone finds this useful. Happly flying.

Edit: Version 1 had an incorrect Right MFD configuration file. This should now be corrected in V2 but the profile has moved on a bit so if you already have it and want to update you may need to reprint.
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