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UH-1H Huey

Tactical Air Assault V1.1

Uploaded by - Eight-Ball
Date - 03/10/2015 16:40:56
Mission overview :
Reclaim insurgent-held Novorossiysk, Kabardinka and Gelendzhik by inserting friendly infantry and conducting CAS flight.

- Reclaim insurgent-held Novorossiysk, Kabardinka and Gelendzhik by inserting friendly infantry.  Infantry are stationed on the north ramp of the airfield.
- Several US ammo boxes stolen by the insurgents are hidden amongst their camps, watch your fire and  bring them back to the pickup zone.
- One Unarmed MEDEVAC is available.

Land on the ramp with the blue smoke and use your radio (F-10) to load soldiers.  
BEWARE of the  friendly trucks roaming the airfield, they do not like you. Best place to load troop is on the taxiway right in front of the ramp

Land in the desired dropping zone within 800m of the smoke (see briefing pictures) and use your radio (F-10) to unload soldiers.

Once unloaded, a squad can be controlled by players (who own CA)  or  picked up again and re-deployed or brought back to base.
They will automatically run for the smoke.

- #1 Novorossiysk City Center - Red smoke
- #2 Novorossiysk Harbor - Orange smoke
- #3 Kabardinka City - Green smoke
- #4 Gelendzhik Airfield - Blue smoke
1st zone must be cleared to activate the 2nd, etc.
An additional pickup zone for troops is loacted 5Km north of the Gelendzhik arifield.
STAY AWAY from unactivated zone.

Custom pickup  script by Deck.
Original "Huey Drop" mission by Deck adapted by EightBall.

Mission thread : http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=140478
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