Su-25T: Operation Dawn Raven

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Su-25T: Operation Dawn Raven

Uploaded by - DarkFire
Date - 03/06/2015 15:04:22
In this mission you are tasked with destroying a number of AA and ground targets to prepare a target area for an anti-terrorist operation by a Spetsnaz commando team.

This mission involves attacking several AA and ground targets in and around a small village that has been taken over by a terrorist group. After your attack a pair of helicopters will land outside the village and deploy a Spetsnaz commando team that will conduct an offensive sweep, eliminate the terrorists and then re-embark on the helicopters. The operation takes place very early in the morning.

Included in the zip file are the mission and an accompanying story / briefing / air tasking order document for you to read. Hopefully this will add some immersion.

This mission includes a pile of custom briefing material and some awesome voice-over work by community members Blooz and P5138. The mission is dedicated to the memory of Jim "Blooz" Mudgett who very sadly passed away on 14/02/2016. He will be sorely missed by the DCS community who benefited greatly from his contributions over the years. Requiest in pacem Blooz...

If you encounter any problems or issues then please do let me know...
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